Working with us

Equal Opportunity, Long-term Growth.

We value our partners and our customers. Above all we value the people who work with us –“our employees”. As a knowledge-based company, we firmly believe the key to our success is our talented and competent team of employees. Our corporate culture promotes integrity and diversity. Each individual working with us is a brand ambassador - responsible for upholding the values of our organization. With a multicultural and multinational employee base, we are an equal opportunity employer offering an exciting working environment and numerous growth prospects.

On the job you’ll become part of an inclusive and dedicated workforce. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain highly qualified people from the broadest possible pool to meet our business needs. In this work environment you’ll expand your knowledge from working alongside people from a variety of backgrounds &cultures.

At Petrofac Oil & Gas Company, good corporate citizenship is a cornerstone of our culture. High standards of integrity, legal compliance, governance, and management control systems are integral to our business model. How we achieve business results is as important as the results themselves.

Employee Testimonials

Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Sales Manager – Piping Division

“Working with Petrofac Oil & Gas Company since 1997 it has been a tremendous experience learning the art of working and I am very proud to be part of such a vibrant team who is proven to be capable of sustaining success, even at tough times when others of competitive nature struggled to keep the momentum. Over the years of my experience I observed that ‘people and attitude makes the difference’ and comfort and satisfaction is key in lasting relationships, whether it is personal or official. I learned, practiced and conveyed the importance of having positive thoughts, true vision, commitment, patience, support, flexibility and mutual respect over the years and am sure some of these features are making many of us stick with the company so long. As everyone knows ‘any dwelling place may be called a house but it becomes a home when there is affection and comfort in it’ and I have no hesitation to say that Petrofac is my second home.”

Ms. Jerylyn Rabadon

Marketing Executive

“In Petrofac, they don't only care for business but also, they do care their people. Working with Petrofac is like a Second home. One big family and group of friends, that’s how it is here…That’s why it is perfect to say that “Petrofac Oil & Gas Company is Powered by Passion” and I’m Proud to be “One”!”

Mr. Sathyanarayanan

Finance Officer

“I see a challenging role & high learning atmosphere in Petrofac Oil & Gas Company. We share ideas and work as a Team. I find good scope for career growth, we work independently but yet take responsibility, no micro management & the colleagues always offer good support. As a growing company, Petrofac Oil & Gas Company offer immense opportunities for individuals to develop their skills & grow along with the company.”

Mr. Aravind. P

Sales Engineer – Piping Division

“My learning curve with Petrofac Oil & Gas Company has been tremendous, helping me understands intricacies of the corporate world, this fantastic journey continues. Highlight of this organization is its perfect blend of youthful workforce along-with highly experienced management team, ensuing one of the best working culture in the industry. Teamwork, support by our management and the amazing growth opportunities are attributes of Petrofac Oil & Gas Company ensuring that everyone here is Powered By Passion to outperform, one of the best places to build a promising career.”

Mr. Sunil Abraham Jacob

Business Development Manager

“In less than a year of service with Petrofac Oil & Gas Company, I became a part of the family with ease. The Environment and Professionalism is Truly Corporate. I enjoyed an enthralling Support and Trust from my Colleagues and Superiors, which keeps me Confident & Responsible for all my deliverables. Welcome to those who wish to be part of a family of Professionals whose inspiration DEVELOPS and MOTIVATES individuals to raise their performance to higher levels of SUCCESS.”

Mr. Rittu Raju

Sales Engineer - Mechanical Division

“If you’re motivated, energetic, likes to pull up your sleeves and contribute, this is a great place.”